Sharing Burdens

I feel like a lot of the time we forget to “bear one another’s burdens” we live in a culture that has forsaken true community. The truth is bearing each others burdens is hard, it’s painful. But it’s also beautiful. Jesus bore all of my burdens, every single one. I am called to follow His example. How different would the world be if the church followed His example and functioned as a family, as a body?


In the Creator’s Hands (4 years later)

When I first started blogging about six years ago, I was a kid who liked the idea of having a blog. But I ran into a delimea (not what I was gonna blog about, that would come later) but what was I going to call my blog?

After much, much, brainstorming I settled on “In the Creator’s Hands”
It sounded cool. I liked it. Little did I know that my bloggng would be very random and spasmatic.

But looking back I am still glad I chose “In the Creator’s Hands” as a name, over time and through trial it has come to be so much more to me than a name. It has become a treasured reminder that we are in the Creator’s hands. Even when life is hard and the waves engulf us and we cannot breathe and we think all is lost, God is still there.

Generation to generation He is still the same, unchanging. Steadfast in His Love and His mercy and compassion. Comfort, there is kuch comfort to be found in Him and knowing that even when I have no control, He is in Control and will see everything through.

Life has been pretty crazy over the last few years and although I don’t really have any fewer questions. I have a better perspective, one that looks and sees the big picture. Which in every story in the end the big picture points to God.

It is  amazing, trulyamazing to watch God work through tragic curcumstances. To see His hand move through chaos. To see first hand that the God of all the universe, who made everything with just a word. This God, gentelly holds us. We rest safely in the Creator’s Hands.




You know what I hate? Dirt on the floor. But even more than that I hate when I am cleaning and I find that SOMEONE has swept all the dirt under the rug and hid all their mess to the point where all looks clean and perfect to everyone who walks in the door. Very much like a “white washed tomb”

But the ugly truth is I do it too.

We work to maintain appearances, not deal with the problem, the dirt. The smelly, nasty, putrid… dirt.

But over time we encounter a problem, after all that time we have swept the dirt under the rug it has accumulated and has become a pain to the feet and a sore for the eyes. Turns out, our dirt is not so hidden after all. We are not as perfect as we would like everyone to believe.

And everyone can see it. But still pretend its not there? What?!

We all have dirt, and it’s well, nasty. But what should we do with our dirt? Our hurt? Our pain? Our wounds? The holes in our hearts that have been left by a loved one now gone?

When laughter is but a distant memory, a legend of a time now past, a strange sound.

Where do we go? We sweep it all under the rug. Pretend we are not broken, weak, sick, dirty and as far as we are concerned, with out hope.

To the world we are perfect and we tell everyone we are handing it off to Jesus. While it eats and nags and tears us up day and night.

Congratulations! We are “over it” Really?

Even worse, when we expect others to get over it. Instead of leading them to the loving, healing arms of Jesus. We assault them with with the need to be perfect. They are not allowed to be hurt, grieve, or be in pain. And the worst of all we do it all in Jesus name.

We give Love a bad name…

We need to re-examine what it looks like to hand everything over to Jesus, not get over it. To heal. To become a living testimony, to live, to love, to show people to the only one who can heal all wounds.

Because of him, we don’t have to wound our selves, to cause our selves emotional pain (or let others do the same to us), we don’t have to get over it because by our Savior, by our brother, our mediator, our counselor, our healer, we have to freedom to hand our dirt over to Him.

And by His wounds we are healed…..

Safely Home

safelyhomepicSafely Home, I don’t know why I did not write about this book when we read it. This great book by Randy Alcorn about the Christians and the persecution in China. This is a great and is a must read. This book paints a good picture of the Church in communist China. This Book will make you laugh out loud and cry.  In this book, Ben, a business man from The United States of America goes on a business trip in china where he meets up with his old college room mate Quan. While in China Ben gets a first hand view of the church in China, he sees how they risk their lives so that they can worship their savior. Ben also sees the many trials the church in china go through when his best friend Quan is murdered for the sake of the gospel. Through his trip to China Ben’s life is forever changed.

I do encourage you to read this book it gives a wonderful picture of God the Father looking out for his children even through all the trials and pain. I hope this review was helpful in some way and I hope that you will read and enjoy this book.


God Bless,

~Kaleb Burpee~

Happy (Late) Birthday Grace!

Happy Birth-Day Grace!!!

Okay I know it’s late but….better late than never.

I would like to share two things

One, yesterday my sister and my mom went to San Marcos and when they came back Grace had a book, cowboy hat….Oh I’m sorry a cow girl hat:)  And also came back with…A CD can you guess??? It was a Francesca Battistelli cd, “My Paper Heart”…. An When we get a new cd we listen to it ALL the time. Any way  and the second thing is as you can guess my sisters favorite artist is….Francesca Battistelli. So in Honor of  her B-day her is “free to Be Me”.

PS: Your Don’t know how hard it was to find this!

I’m Back…

Okay first of all where is the tumpets resounding announcing to the whole world my return..OK well..Maybe I’m not that important…Maybe….

Any way.

No I have not stopped posting on my blog forever I just….well….have lacked ideas to about for an extended amount of time.  There you have it, now to make up for my “lack” of “Ideas” I will share with you some of the oddgoings and the evengoings..OK …..NO MORE JOKES!!! (JK)

Anyway I will tell you about some of the things happening down here.


Every once in a while when my siblings are playing mariokart there will be a glitch in the game and something weird will happen. Grace has labeled these people “Hackers”

After someone hacking into the game (which I hear is illegal now!) jk


Having young people in the house totals to an adventure…One day while Marissa was going through Speech Therapy Grace, The Speech therapist, William and of course Marissa we playing a game and some one got the thing they needed the first try and Marissa turned to them and said “You Little Hacker!”

For some one who does not know what some small common things are this Marissa knowing what a Hacker is sent everybody rolling on the Floor laughing.

I will post soon until then


GOD BLESS><>—————————————————————–__________O—-